Homemade ketchups, compotes, granola and preserves

 "Quality fruit cooked at home by people with passion for healthy, locally-grown food"

Fruition is a small local business making artisan preserves, established in 2014. We sell a variety of fruit compotes, ketchups, granola and seasonal preserves and fruit products at local south London Markets. We make the products with care in small batches at home in Clapham, London SW4. Contact us for more information.  See our Facebook page or Twitter for latest photos and news.

We make our products when the primary ingredients are in season, so they will have maximum taste. The preserving methods we use mean that (with the exception of Granola) the products have a 6 month + shelf life. They are handmade healthy products made with attention to taste, texture and quality and with no artificial preservatives or flavourings. Primary ingredients are sourced locally, whenever possible, from family run farms and businesses in Kent and Sussex.

We have a range of 9 fruit compotes (including Rhubarb & Ginger, Gooseberry & Elderflower and Plum & Vanilla) and 4 ketchups (traditional tomato, spicy tomato, spiced plum and brown sauce) and a luxurious Granola with Almonds and Raisins.

The compotes are ideal served for breakfast with yoghurt and Fruition Granola, as desserts or the basis of desserts (e.g. fruit tarts, fruit fools or pancakes). The ketchups are ideal with a range of cooked meats (e.g. bacon, sausages, burgers, barbecued meats) and of course, chips!

We also have old English seasonal favourite Quince Jelly - delicious served with cheese. 

When the fruit is in season we have tangy Seville Orange Marmalade, Sicilian Lemon Marmalade and Fig Relish. 

Gift packs are also available: two/three ketchups or compotes of your choice.